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So what is the big deal with F45 Training?

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So what is the big deal with F45 Training?

Written by Amanda McCredie

It seems that everywhere you go these days there is the recognizable red, white and blue signs and the allure of a two week trial for F45. I have to divulge that I am a convert to the F45 training that is sometimes refereed to as a “cult” in the fitness industry.

When I saw an advert on social media for an ambassador for my local F45 I thought ‘yep I could do that’. Having not been in a gym for about five years but still keeping myself fit through running and the odd home exercise video, I thought I could use it as another avenue to build my fitness and some relationships for my private practice….. and like most newbies to F45 I was instantly hooked!

So what actually is F45? To start with the ‘F’ stands for “functional”. Functional training attempts to adapt or develop exercises, which allow individuals to perform the activities of daily life more easily and without injuries. The 45? You guessed it refers to working out for 45 minutes. There is a mix of both functional and high intensity interval training with every other day either cardio or resistance based and there are even some days where the two are combined – double whammy! All the classes have cool names such as; Pipeline, Romans, Quarterbacks, Loyals, Bears, Templers, Brooklyn, Pegasus, Wingman and Hollywood to name a few, and they even have their own F45 radio station and play lists that pumps out the beats to further motivate you.

There is no such thing as a typical workout as no workout will ever be the same. Each session is a completely different experience (the sessions are all the same per day) and they change every day. The workouts are suitable for everyone, you can push yourself as hard or as little as you want. You can even work out with a heart rate monitor and better your ‘point score’ against yourself or against other F45 clients

So what keeps these F45’ers coming back for more? I truly believe it is a mix of a few things; from the community feel to the friendships (from both fellow clients and the trainers) to the varied workouts which helps keep them (and me) motivated and challenged.

While F45 is pricier than your regular gym membership, I personally think it is worth it. All clubs will vary with their membership prices but if you were to compare it to a one on one personal training session, than it is good value.

If you are looking for a way to keep active during the cooler months, then look up your local F45 and sign up for their two-week free trial to see if this new group training ‘cult’ is the one for you.

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Peta Carige
Sports dietitian

Peta Carige is regarded as one of the top Sports Dietitians in Sydney. After graduating with a duel degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and a Bachelor of Science she was able to obtain a clinical position in a tertiary hospital while maintaining sports nutrition work on the side. This allowed Peta to obtain a unique experience in numerous clinical areas as well as in sports nutrition and sports performance.

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